Full-time job: Web Services Librarian at a public library in Connecticut.

Other full-time job: Being a new mama! This now includes being launched into the world of cloth diapering, baby wearing, teething necklaces, and being something of a crunchy mama, whatever that means but apparently I’m kind of one of them…and products from fabulous companies like Kanga Care, Tokidoki, Itzy Ritzy among others…

Former full-time job: Gaming and Crafting. I used to spend my nights sewing or gluing my fingers together, and/or playing some kind of game. Last game: Wurm Online – you can find my husband playing as me as Miriella on the Xanadu server – say hi!

So now I’m just here to share what I can about crafting and stuff on sale (because after the babes falls asleep and I’m supposed to be sleeping as well, but I can’t, so I spend all my time in bed on my phone shopping and finding deals and steals and spending way too much money).

And maybe some day I’ll work up the courage to sell some of my creations online.

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