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Fishing Day 6 – The One That Didn’t Get Away!

Posted by Miriella on 15 May 2009

Details to come, but here’s Miriella wielding the Dark Herring AND Old Ironjaw. Fear the gnome armed with fish.


Now I just need to win the danged Fishing Tournament to become Salty Miriella!

3 Responses to “Fishing Day 6 – The One That Didn’t Get Away!”

  1. Tamarind said

    Well, at least it’s a *dark* herring. Can’t be doing with any of those wussy, virtuous fish or anything.

    Also I hope you’ve specced down into piscine duel wielding…otherwise you won’t hit a damn thing.

  2. Myrin said

    Awesome pic. Where did you catch your winning fish?

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