Fishing: The One That WILL Not Get Away

Alright, here I am, working on the achievement for The One That Didn’t Get Away – apart from winning the Fishing Tournament, is just about the most elusive fishing achievement to get.

I’ve been trying for it on and off, but now I’m on a serious chase for it, so here goes the numbers for yesterday and today’s fishing sessions so far:

Azshara, Bay of Storms:

  • 7 Pound Lobster
  • 9 Pound Lobster
  • 12 Pound Lobster
  • 1 Black Pearl
  • 1 Golden Pearl
  • 174 Darkclaw Lobster
  • 1 Iridescent Pearl
  • 23 Large Raw Mightfish
  • 5 Raw Spotted Yellowtail
  • 89 Raw Summer Bass
  • 4 Reinforced Locked Chest
  • 2 Small Lustrous Pearl
  • 1 Solid Blasting Powder (from 1 Venture Company Supplies Crate)
  • 29 Stonescale Eel
  • 32 Zesty Clam Meat

This brings it to a total of 360 catches (minus the pearls). My goal is to fish to 1000 fish here in Azshara, and after, if I still haven’t caught one of the rares, I’ll head to Howling Fjord or Grizzly Hills for the Dark Herring. Who wouldn’t want to get stabbed in the face with a fish?

Wish me luck. It’s apparent I’ll need it, though I did catch Old Ironjaw in under 2 hours of work two nights ago šŸ™‚

Session Two Saturday night:

  • 15 Pound Lobster (they’re getting bigger!)
  • 92 Pound Mightfish šŸ˜¦
  • 81 Darkclaw Lobster
  • 1 Iridescent Pearl
  • 21 Large Raw Mightfish
  • 9 Raw Spotted Yellowtail
  • 29 Raw Summer Bass
  • 3 Reinforced Locked Chest
  • 3 Solid Blasting Powder
  • 36 Stonescale Eel
  • 21 Zesty Clam Meat

Total:Ā  565 fish and other things caught.


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