Fishing: Sea Turtle Mount is mine!

In just a short amount of time I’d managed to get all 4 coin achievements, 2 sewer rats and a sea turtle mount! Miriella fished up the sewer rat a day or two before Patch 3.1, and while Miriella was pathetically trapped in Ulduar instances, I had nothing to do but to play Springroll, which I really didn’t want to do, so I decided to level her fishing instead. I started one night, and two nights later, I fished up all of the Dalaran coins. I checked the 1000 fish achievement, and I was a little over 100 away, so I thought, I have some time left to kill, so I’ll head down to the sewers and work on the rat while I get to the 1k fish achievement. Surely, I thought, I’d hit 1000 with it. Crazily enough, I head down to the sewers with Springroll – and it’s her first time ever having been in the sewers, I discover, and what do you know, the stupid priest fishes up the sewer rat in 6 casts!

The weekend came, and I was busy moving into my new apartment – and, as a result, had no internet access in my humble abode for over a week. I have no idea how I survived, but I did. Tonight was the first night I’d been back, so here’s the tonight’s total tally before I fished up the sea turtle:

7 Barrelhead Goby
1 Bonescale Snapper
17 Borean Leather Scraps
4 Borean Man O’ War
17 Cobalt Ore
10 Crystallized Water
101 Deep Sea Monsterbelly
6 Frostweave Cloth
14 Glacial Salmon
5 Imperial Manta Ray
109 Moonglow Cuttlefish
13 Musselback Sculpin
12 Nettlefish
170 Pygmy Suckerfish
4 Rockfin Grouper
8 Succulent Clam Meat

Today’s Total: 440 Fish, 58 other thingies. A grand total of 1045 fish, and lots of other various crap in reinforced crates and whatnots, so for me the average was just about 1 in 1000, which really isn’t bad at all; I thought I’d be around for much much longer, lurking the waters of the Frozen Sea for so long.

He’s very cute, and very worth it!



6 thoughts on “Fishing: Sea Turtle Mount is mine!

  1. Right, the look does it all. I think I’m getting him too. I’m currently the proud owner of:
    1x X-51 nether rocket XTREME
    1x Swift Spectral Tiger
    1x Spectral Tiger
    1x Riding Turtle

    Yeah, I’m a game master on

    – Lora

  2. Well Miriella, you’re a lucky person, good for you! 🙂

    Unfortunatly, some aren’t. I ain’t. I’ve spent quite a few hours fishing around in the Frozen Sea. According to stats, I have caught over 5,600 fish and 12,200 items total and still, no Turtle.

    My luck sucks.

  3. UPDATE: I just got it !!

    So it took: 5,902 fish and 12,738 items total to catch it. And it was all worth it, she’s gorgeous. ::P

    -> Ark

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