Star Wars Mobile

Ok, it’s really for me. But she DOES like watching it! I had messed with it for a month or so before the baby was born, and I finally got around to making it really nice (whodathunk embroidery hoops were the smart and easy way to go?!) and just the way I like it. It’s a tiny bit crooked but I’m ok with it. For now…


Glitter & Epoxy Wooooo!

Last night’s phase 2:

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#glitter + #epoxy = #whee!!! #diy #craft

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So much fun! I checked this morning and the epoxy has dried wonderfully and it looks just amazing. I didn’t put in a whole lot of glitter as I had an image behind the epoxy that I wanted you to *kind* of be able to see. I learned a few things on the way too, like, I have to seal ALL the paper I want first before I pour epoxy all over it…stuff like that. But I’ll get into that when I have pictures I can actually show you. I’m on the fence about adding one more layer, but I think I’ll skip it, as I don’t want the final product to be TOO heavy, and I rather like the 3D effect it is giving off right now.

I’m so excited this has turned out well, and I’m looking forward to sparkling up a few little tables as my next experiment! It won’t happen until I come back from vacation, so that will be a few weeks.


Fun with Crafts

I got hit with a craft bug a few months ago – and it’s quite a severe case! So I keep going down these rabbit holes of crafts…I’m sewing lights, making headbands, spray painting random things, and playing with glitter and resin all at once. I experimented with a project using epoxy last night and so far it’s turned out great:


Tonight I’ll be working on phase 2. Can’t show all the deets yet because I’m hoping it will turn out to be a great gift for someone. But when it’s received, I’ll post the final product!